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The protagonist of this adult visual novel is a young man who is very intelligent but has suffered a lot in his life.

One day he receives a great opportunity that if taken advantage of, will radically change his life for the better.

He finds himself working for the Sassy Girl, a gossip magazine in the midst of a crisis. He will then come into contact with several women, all of whom are extremely sexy and fascinating in different ways.

Sassy Girl, is a story with many thematic traits: comedy, drama, mystery, romance, and of course lots of eroticism and sex.

Sassy Girl is a visual novel for adults based on multiple choices.


– 3000 high-definition images

– 50 animations in high definition

– 50000 words

– Decide main character’s first and last name

– Multiple endings

– Ren’py engine


is a handyman secretary. She has been working for Sassy Girl for a couple of years.

Beatrice is a kind girl and easy to make smile.

She cares a lot about others and always tries to help them as much as she can.

She has no particular ambitions, although she is a very smart girl.

She considers her life and work to be somewhat boring, so having an adventure for her would be a great thing.


is a tough cookie.

Always pissed off, she mumbles to everyone and gets angry very easily.

She is the magazine’s photographer. Adele is very attached to her work and used to make great sacrifices to get the best results. Despite her apparent bad temper, she is a good person who would never hurt anyone.

She will treat you very badly, but if you can stand up to her, she will know how to reward you.


Dorothy is a woman with a stunning physique.

She hosts a cooking show that is broadcast on a television channel.

She is not a very intelligent woman, far from it; she is very naive and always has her head in the clouds. Dorothy is easy to fool.

Dorothy has not always been this way; she became this way after a terrible family bereavement.

Will you apprify her, or will you help her overcome her traumas?


is a very sunny girl.

Always cheerful and carefree. She met the main character in her college days during a party.

Janine is the social manager. She is a hard worker and always has many original ideas.

Right from the start she will prove to be very close and bonded with you.

She is a sincere and kind woman, always respects the freedom of others and is never touchy even when she might have the right to do so.


is in charge of interviews.

She is a very elegant and well-groomed woman.

She has been a moderately successful model for a few years. Later she was chosen for a television series, but things did not go well and she was forced to leave both show business and the fashion runways.

She is a visibly sad woman, shyly seeking social and occupational redemption.

She is an extremely intelligent and educated woman, as well as sexy as hell.


Is the director of Sassy Girl. She is the wife of well-known billionaire Robert Ness.

Miriam has an incredibly shaped body and possesses a piercing and mysterious gaze.

She is a very cryptic woman, complicated to decipher. Full of secrets and with a dark past. Miriam hardly gets emotionally involved with anyone and or in anything.

Her relationship with the main charater will be very complicated and full of knots; it will be up to you to untie those knots!

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