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SaiIn Rhythm

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StoryI woke up in the morning and realized that I was 30 years old. When I was upset about being virgin for 30 years, suddenly a strong light appeared in the room, and a girl who claimed as an angel appeared, she said.

"What I have just given you is, a ability will forcibly any women go into a state of sexual arousal."

Facing the sudden surprise, what kind of development will there be?GamePlay as the protagonist of a virgin for 30 years and use the abilities given by angel. Complete the rhythm challenges and hypnotize opponents.

Having physical relationships with different girls dreamed of.Feature
  • Live2D characters animation and voice

  • H scene Live2D CG animation and voice

  • Unique atmospheric visual effects

  • Rhythm music with the theme of electronic music
Cheat Mode- Press down "C" key for 3 seconds to trigger the cheat mode.

  • Unlock all Achievements.

  • Unlock all gallery content.

  • You can press the "S" key to skip the rhythm challenge.
Main Characters

Yuel (CV: 麻倉わかば)

Artist: 藤原恭輔

A cute little angel who fell from the sky out of the blue.

She has descended on earth with the mission to fulfill the wishes of the male protagonist.

And give him the ability to make any woman enter an urgent state of desire.

Shirae Aya (CV: 藍月 音帆)

Artist: 藤原恭輔

A gyaru with a disastrous personality.

She had no previous contact with the protagonist.

And became his test opponent just because they happen to encounter each other on the street.

Miyasaka Chitose (CV: 御子柴泉)

Artist: 藤原恭輔

A next door neighbor's wife.

Her gentle character hides a lascivious side.

She hasn't had sex with her husband for a long time due to his work.

Rajeka (CV: 塩胡椒目玉焼き)

Artist: 藤原恭輔

A mysterious woman.

She wanders the street and appears to be seeking something.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Genuinely good. Overall 8/10:
Story - 1/10 - There is a story, but you're not picking this up or caring about it at all
Graphics - 7/10 - Makes really good use of Live2D, with good animations, jiggling, and decently cute girls with big ol' titties. However, this is about my personal opinion, and I don't care much for the character design on some of the characters (Which I feel should fall under the graphical score). The Angel and the girl from the 3rd scene are good, but I don't like the housewife and the gal is only passable
Gameplay - 8/10 - There is genuinely a good, fun, and challenging rhythm game here. You will need to practice, and it's not likely you will 100% anything first try, or even first dozen tries by the time you reach stage 3. However, it does lose a point from me for visual clarity in some portions, and I feel that only the first stage had an excellent matching of beat to map.
Soundtrack 8/10 - Really good soundtrack. It's a rhythm game, so that might come as a given to any reader of this, but half of the people who buy this are probably going to be buying it for titties. So it's a pleasant surprise that it has a genuinely good soundtrack. It's not something that is iconic and people will listen to and remember 2 decades from now, but it's definitely good.
Regarding the girls, they're pretty hit or miss though. Really not a fan of the cheating housewife, personally.
Overall, if we ignore the story which you shouldn't care about in the first place, I would give this a solid 8/10, a surprising gem worth picking up.

Review from Steam

Beats and boobies. SaiIn Rhythm has you play as a 30 year old virgin who is suddenly given the power to drop panties on command. And this power is bestowed upon you by an angel, no less. It sounds ridiculous, so how does it play?
Like most lewd games on Steam, its okay. The game starts under the context of a visual novel, explaining away your hopeless existence and how you've given up on ever getting laid for the remainder of your life. To be honest, this pretext gets kind of old. I don't consider myself a loser, I'm not a virgin, I DO like to play Steam games and I also happen to like boobies. Maybe I'm not the target audience? Doubtful. Anyways, its fiction, boys.... so I'll let it slide.
The story is unremarkable but the translation is good... usually. The translator was very proficient in English, but occasionally some of the text just makes no sense. Overall, its much better than the usual machine translation so it shouldn't be much of an issue for you. They put a good amount effort into the plot, and while its no riveting read, it kept me from closing the game before our beloved payoff.
I don't know why the rhythm portion of this game was included, but all I will say is you can skip it. The controls were frustrating beyond belief, but if you read the forums it is entirely optional. Yours truly did not enjoy this part of the game and eventually chose to skip.
The naked ladies are the highlight here. The art is really good, and everything is animated. This is where the budget went, and thank god because I was getting a bit worried up to this point. The production value here is much higher than your average $1.99 shovelware game, so potential buyers do take note.
In conclusion, SaiIn Rhythm (that's two i's, there's no L, there should be a space, but I digress) is a decent lewd game. There is a lot of filler, but they give you the option to move past it all and go straight for the sauce. If you like what you see in the screenshots and want to see it animated (they animated everything, really... even dripping fluids wave around in the wind) I recommend you pick this one up.
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Review from Steam

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Beat the rhythm game (can skip) and force cute anime girls to go into a state of sexual arousal! 4 HQ Live2Ded scenes, shorter. Depends on the price.

Review from Steam

SaiIn Rhythm is a true masterpiece combining both rhythm game lovers and porn game lovers. The music is amazing and I found myself jamming out to the game the whole way through. The art and story were next to perfect, I've truly never seen such voluptuous and colossally massive knockers as these. And lastly, the gameplay itself was perfect, I've never seen a rhythm game like this and I enjoyed playing through the difficult but enjoyable challenges. The only critique I would have is that it wasn't longer. I've sincerely been moved by this game and believe everyone should play this game, this game will be remembered for years to come as the most prestigious porn game of its era. A true masterpiece. 11/10

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