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The once ideal city is declining day by day, and players need to solve puzzles layer by layer and then help the small city find a way to reborn. Traditional touch puzzle games, brain burning puzzles and moving stories, residents in the dilapidated city interpret their loneliness, warmth, struggle and dreams. You could understand them, help them, change them, give the city a chance to be reborn, and let yourself experience a warm nostalgic journey. Maybe it doesn't need superb skills and wisdom, but you have enough patience and learn to listen. Their stories may be as unremarkable as grains of sand, but the most moving thing in the universe is not greatness and permanence, but love and being loved. Isn't it

-Game features

-The exquisite painting style and nostalgic scenes build a lonely rusty city. You could find a familiar feeling in these strange scenes.

-Rich stories, characters, secrets and emotions all need your patience to explore step by step.

-Challenge complex puzzle and enjoy solving it.

-Crack minigames and challenge players' intelligence.

-The unexpected easter egg in the game let you recognize the value of dreams again.
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