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Roswell’s Journey

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Traverse the world of Solaria as Roswell, a magician entertainer robot, after he discovers a mysterious figure slowly turning the wheels of destruction causing chaos throughout the planet. Explore the four corners of the globe as you battle enemies and gain allies to defeat the Antagonist known as Nyx, an ancient undead evil bent on destroying the worlds population to claim the planet as his own.

Play as the magician Roswell to keep your distance and plan

  • Upgrade your magic by modifying your weapon or learn skills from enemies
  • Watch your enemy from afar and plan a strategy
  • Help others around the world by fulfilling their requests and get some potentially amazing rewards

Encounter new cities and meet others and see how they can help

  • Travel to cities around the planet and meet new friends
  • Each city will have citizens in need and they might be able to provide various clues, secrets, or upgrades to help you
  • Decide how you will liberate each city from Nyx's grasp
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