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Ronin is stylish a turn-based action platformer following the exploits of a vengeful heroine determined to strike down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation. Move with precision by meticulously planning out each silent step, soaring leap, and devastating swing of your blade from the shadows as you seek your revenge.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Trust me, if you ever get frustrated while playing this, it's not always gonna be your fault. The game is overall pretty good, but darn it, the movement can get jank. I mean full on, there have been times the game shows me that I'll grab onto a safe spot but then have me slip off of it. There's just points where it seems impossible, but you'll make it. I had a blast my first play through, but after playing it again, I realize how unfair things can get. It feels like a lot of problems are solved by brute forcing it over and over again. I both love and hate this game.

Review from Steam

new game plus almost made me defenestrate myself