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Romancing SaGa 2

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Romancing SaGa 2 is one of the many titles in the lauded SaGa roleplaying game series. In this popular entry, released in Japanese only in 1993 and boasting sales in excess of one million copies. Sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes. A dynamic freeform scenario system - a hallmark of the million-selling SaGa RPG series - enables you to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes based on your actions. Experience a compelling narrative that served as the cornerstone of the title's success on its initial release back in 1993. Use weapons and martial arts in heated battles to learn and master new combat techniques. Take advantage of each character attributes, learn new battle formations, concoct spells and temper weapons to grow the Varennes Empire.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Really great SaGa game, but you have to like SaGa games. You always do. You can't go playing SaGas if you want normal, if you want the standard JRPG experience. You play SaGa to confuse and upset you, and it does that well. Also, it's very surprising how much this game is basically a Roguelite considering how old it is.

Review from Steam

One of the most challenging and exciting JRPG experiences I've ever had. Interesting and addictive gameplay systems, brutal difficulty that will make you think and plan, and charming world to explore. Not heavy on story.

Review from Steam

An obtuse game with rules that are vague and hard to understand, systems designed to annoy and punish you for not playing correctly, definitely one of the most difficult turn based games i have played, recommended for people wanting a challenge and a decent narrative spanning over generations
TLDR: truly the romancing saga 2 of video games

Review from Steam

A really good JRPG
Its quite obtuse and requires a lot of time to properly learn the systems
The story is okay nothing special but the journey is what matters in this game
If needed use the new game+ helps a lot
It has a lot of missable content so does have a lot of replayability as well
Overall if you like opended games and/or Jrpgs you'll probably like this

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