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Reviver is an adventure puzzle platformer game for two players, telling about mad scientist, parallel universes and the salvation of all things.

A couple of years ago, you and your brother participated in a special operation, where your brother died as a result of your mistake. In an attempt to get rid of the endless guilt, you agree to become a test subject in a secret military experiment to study parallel universes. Perhaps, among an infinite number of universes, there is one where your brother survived. So why not try to find it? There's nothing left to lose.

Take tests in the laboratory to learn how to interact with the parallel universe.

Bring your brother back to life by moving him into your world.

Embark on an exciting adventure and stop a mad scientist trying to divide reality by 0.

The game will be released episodically, new episodes will be released as free updates.

On release, the game will contain 3 episodes: "Prologue" (single player, training), "Abandonment" and "Strange Forest".

The demo version contains the episode "Prologue" in an unfinished form. Play, leave your ideas and feedback.
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