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Retrowave ’84

Retrowave ’84 Screenshot 1
Retrowave ’84 Screenshot 3
Retrowave ’84 Screenshot 5

Jump. Target. Kill. Repeat.

This Retro-inspired Synthwave FPS plays like no other, with a wide range of weapons straight from an 80’s sci-fi action flick to dispatch any foe stupid enough to get in your way. Shoot first, questions never…

– Hard hitting and varied arsenal to unleash on anything else that moves!

– Intense yet satisfying combat throughout!

– A Fitting and Relentless Synthwave-style soundtrack

– Bullet time which can be activated at any time by simply jumping!

– Teleportation awarded upon each kill to chain together attacks (or reach the unknown)!

– Power ups and hidden secrets to be found throughout…

Unleash devastating firepower with deadly precision in this action packed game across over 20 levels, whilst using your special abilities to explore the environment or to simply outplay your trigger-happy enemies…

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