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About Retroids

Retroids is based on a classic space arcade game where you destroy asteroids and collect power-ups to progress and level up your spaceships. Play solo challenges or multiplayer space battles!


  • Fly through the stars and space and collect points with this 360* battle arena!

  • Choose from nine spaceships: Alnico, StarSparrow, Electrum and more

  • Earn experience points for each of your spaceships which can be used to upgrade their abilities

  • Collect in battle power-ups: Double Shooter, Rapid Fire, Protective Shield, Rocket Boost, and Health Boost

  • Play multiplayer battles (1v1) in amazing space arenas

  • Aim to beat your opponents by viewing the Galactic Leaderboard

  • Solo challenge mode enables you to practice your asteroid destroying skills
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

First impression:
A cool little game. Didnt play it for very long as there isnt much to see. There are 2 game modes and a good selection of spaceships. In solo mode you select the spaceship of your choice and shoot random power-up meteorites in the solar system and gain points while doing so. Mode #2 is pvp where you (apparently) go 1v1 with another player and use the same power ups by crushing meteorites to your advantage. The problem is there is no community yet in this game. I was literally alone when i joined so i couldnt try the 1v1 mode (ill update as soon as i have the luck to meet someone and play).
The controls are a bit clunky at first but you can adjust them through the settings and i can say its pretty easy to control ur spaceship after u do.
The music is really cool, matches the game theme and i actually enjoyed it. The problem is the music is extremely loud imo and i only have the option to either turn it on/off and there is no volume meter so i prefer playing with music off. The sound effects are mostly cool and realistic but the ship engine cuts really quickly when u stop pressing 'W' and it sounds unrealistic to me. The boosting sound also seems to be a completely different style of sound. Most sfx are realistic but when u press space to boost it sounds like a arcade game (ik it says it on the description but still doesnt match the rest of sfx).
The UI is pretty simple and easy to use and understand without a guide or tutorial. The only problem i encountered is when i was in game and pressed 'ESC' to enter the settings for example it didnt stop the game or change to my normal mouse so that i am able to select the option i want from the escape menu. It is still possible to exit/leave game but when u move ur mouse to select it your spaceship moves too as the game doesnt pause or anything (even in solo mode). I also wasnt able to select some menu options while in game.
Overall it looks like as i said a cool little game to play with ur friend when ur bored but its nothing i would get really excited over. The price when compared to other steam games with a similar price tag is a bit more than what i would charge for this game. I think 2-3$ would be more fitting but 4$ is still acceptable for what you get. As it is a 1v1 focused game and i didnt really like the price i would like to see a 2-copies bundle with a lowered price. If it is for 2 people to play the game a 5.99$ 2-copies bundle for example sounds nice. If ur into a simple space shooter and you have a friend to play it with then go for it.

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