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Retro Wars

Retro Wars Screenshot 1
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OverviewTake on an entire army in this 80s inspired retro top down vertical scrolling shooter.

Be a one man war machine or take a friend into battle for some fun 2 player local co-op.

Rescue POWs before they are executed

You will be heavily out numbered….

You will be heavily out gunned….

Advance through the levels tactically so you are not over whelmed!

Cautiously make your way to the enemy base on each of the 8 increasingly challenging levels and use whatever cover you find to evade enemy fire.

Use grenades to escape if you are pinned down by the enemy troops or trapped by an enemy tank patrol.FeaturesSingle player and two player couch co-op action

8 campaign levels to blast your way through

4 difficulty modes which can be set independently for each player

Rescue POWs before they are executed in front of you

Parachute munition drops to be collected

Throw grenades at enemies to take out multiple troops at once

Destroy enemy vehicles for bonus points

Customizable joystick sensitivity

Use level objects as tactical cover

Retro 8 directional movement to take you back to the 80s

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