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Reclaim The Sea

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Reclaim the Sea is a roguelike strategy game inspired by Faster Than Light, set in a steampunk fantasy atmosphere. Your goal is to save the World by fighting your way through dangerous seas. You will encounter each time different ships from many factions and face tough decisions. Will you defend this civilian ship attacked by pirates … or will you take advantage of its weakened position ? If you engage in a fight, you will have many options: taking down the enemy crew, burning or sinking their ship, stay at long range and play defensively or engage at close range… Each game is unique thanks to randomly generated ships and maps.

Key Features:

  • Command your crew. Order your crew to move in the ship to accomplish all the required tasks : charge weapon, pilot the ship, charge the steam overdrive, repair the ship and many more.

  • Gain power through the game with new weapons, devices, ship upgrades, and powerful unique figureheads.

  • Upgrade everything and sharpen your builds to be able to defeat the bosses

  • Choose your path wisely in a random generated universe

  • Hire new crew members from different species on your way and help them gain XP and skills.
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