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Really Weird Pool

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Really Weird Pool is all the fun of normal pool but with weird shaped tables.
Play with friends or strangers online or locally, or play against the computer.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I love the variety of shapes put into this fun & creative little pool game. It's relaxing too & it adds a new experience to the gameplay! It runs smooth. I wish there were more features like a leaderboard, in-game shop, unlockables, a few more modes & add even more shapes. Controls are easy to use. If you like pool, then you'll like this. Recommended!

Review from Steam

What a great game, you can play either AI or an opponent , different levels of play loads of weird shaped tables, well worth the price tag. :)

Review from Steam

Some of the weirdest pool i have played in a very long time ngl. Cant wait for the anime waifu pool cutout dlc. 10/10 can be very fire :)

Review from Steam

It's a fun game and some of the shots can be real challenging. It only has 2 player Multi-Play right now, I hope that gets increased to 4 in the future. For a solo or 2 player it's not bad though.

Review from Steam

6/9 haha amazin ggame

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