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This is a zombie survival game for one player and for cooperation in 4 players.

The game now includes:
Single player with co-op for 4players - Host / Join sessions - hosted game, player characters, chat system, dynamic crosshairs, points system, random weapon box, spectating & respawn system, Power-Up drops, revive system, deadly things like a train...

This game is also support project for my new "VR" game.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a nice game. Simple as that.
Simple, easy to get into, unassuming.
A very nice way to spend some time with friends.
It's also pretty amazing to me that this is one of the first projects by a solo dev. :D
GG Sektan!

Review from Steam

an amazing game. great fun there is a lot of running around and shooting.. remember keep your ammo topped off.. its the only thing keeping you alive :)

Review from Steam

4/5 stars
for the price this game is worth it
get a few friends and its 10 times more fun
all this game needs is a few more guns and this game would be 5/5

Review from Steam


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