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A kleptomaniac, a sociopath and a horrible friend. Randal is potentially one of the most scurrile protagonists since the invention of the hoverboard. Randal's Monday is a crazy space-time odyssey in classic adventure design, spiced up with countless geek culture references of the last 30 years. Randal wakes up after the engagement party of his best friend Matt; he's ridden by a raging hangover and also has Matt's wallet in his possession. Inside the wallet is his engagement ring and without thinking of the consequences, Randal sells the ring - and thus gets struck by a terrible curse. Matt commits suicide and now Randal is forced to relive the same ill-fated Monday over and over, trying to undo his mistake. Randal needs to retrieve the ring and sort his own life out, before things get any worse... Collapsing the whole space-time continuum-kinda-worse, in fact.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Good and fun adventure game. It's worth buying on a sale.

Review from Steam

such a great story puzzle game with amazing humour would recommend to everyone.

Review from Steam

¨Try to save the space-time continuum, while messing it up more.¨ XD
I picked up Randal´s Monday after searching for another Deponia-esque point-and-click. I thoroughly enjoyed the art style and the adult humor that Daedalic Entertainment brought to life through the problematic misadventures of Goal and Rufus--all of which Randal has and then some. Play as Randal Hicks, a Rufus-like problematic protagonist, who suffers from Bojack Horseman Syndrome--trying and failing to redeem himself time and time again. He enjoys stealing, drinking, and being egotistical...sound familiar?
Live through the same 24-hour cycle, exploring and interacting with a repeating cast of characters and locations--all of which change depending on how you´ve just altered reality. Pick up items, create wacky combinations, and talk your way through each cycle´s challenges. Packed with randomness and a mountain of pop-culture references, find yourself exploring everything from sci-fi conventions to prison cells while interacting with local bums, thieves, bartenders, and--of course--the police.
While some may find the repetitiveness and running gags tiresome (ex. your landlord demanding rent at the beginning of each cycle), I found each cycle´s creative solutions to the same problem to be refreshing. Be warned though, the majority of the storytelling is done via dialogue, which may turn off players looking for more interaction. However, for players looking for quick runs, almost all dialogue can be skipped or fast-forwarded via clicking and a hint system exists in-game that will walk you through each challenge as it is presented. I used both of these mechanics and was grateful for them whenever I found myself stuck, though the puzzles are really not so difficult--just don´t overthink! More often than not, the solution was a lot simpler than I was even considering XD
For me, I completed Randal´s in just over 16 hours. For comparison, a very similar game Deponia Doomsday (time-traveling and all), took me just under 12 hours. As I paid almost $20 for Randal´s, I was actually happy to see I was getting more out of my money. Not much for replaying though, as the story is linear and there are no alternate endings or choices. With that in mind, I do recommend this game to fans of Deponia and other point-and-clicks. If you find Bojack Horseman humorous, you may also enjoy the characters and humor here.
However, I can´t say this game will be for everyone. If you can´t appreciate the endless--sometimes mindless and tedious--pop culture references and roll with the absolute maddening adventure that is Randal´s Monday--it might not be for you. Many times you might find yourself asking, ¨Isn´t there an easier solution to this?¨ and the answer is: yes, absolutely. BUT, you are playing as a 30-something who thinks combining a duck hanger and an extendible pole is the world´s greatest invention--be prepared to have many WTF moments.
I should also mention some trigger warnings apply here as the game contains graphic accounts of suicide, alcoholism, depression, and other sensitive topics that are NOT handled in a sensitive way at all. Even making them the butt of the joke at times. If it may offend or hurt you, don´t pick up this game.

Review from Steam

Another point and click adventure game filled with dad jokes and toilet humor and immoral actions... and filled to the brim with memes and trivia from other famous sci-fi and fantasy novel and games... but compared to Paradigm this one has a far higher quality in both the game story telling and the story itself and yeah the immoral part also goes on a higher rank... definitely not a game for kids. And uh... though it's a fun game, there are pretty much disturbing choices and scenery in this game that might... well... upset the audience. So play at your own risk!
The puzzles aren't really the intuitive type and most of the time it's guess work and some even makes no sense. So it's not going to be a fun and easy puzzle imo.. but then again, this game comes with a built-in walk through... so... yeah... might as well use it and just sit back and enjoy the story unless you wanted all those achievements.

Review from Steam

BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED. First i played Randals Monday in 2015 The Free Version The Story Was Good Then I bought the paid version in steam and finished the story. there were many quests and riddles first some riddles take some time to solve then i get used to it.

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