Ragdoll LABS

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Ragdoll LABS is an epic game of action, physics and lots of laughs, where you control a ragdoll in wild and varied simulations, where each game will NEVER be the same as another. Run for the glory, while having fun watching your enemies (and friends) failing miserably.

Break the laws of physics (and yourself) by performing epic feats, gain experience, and unlock items and customizations to give your beloved ragdoll a unique look. Create your own simulations in an unstable and completely rule-free environment and share them with the world or download and play simulations created by other players in the community.

From surviving an avalanche, escaping from buggy autonomous cars, or even stopping a zombie apocalypse, in ragdoll LABS each simulation has a unique challenge and you’ll have to find out how to overcome it.

Laugh in the face of your enemies as they trip, fall, hit face, get hit by a car, explode, step on a mine, get fried by a laser, etc in hilarious, epic, and sometimes glitchy physics simulations.

Customize your look with accessories, change the color, gestures and much more. Your imagination is the limit!

If you’re not satisfied with the simulations we’ve made for you, please don’t ask for a refund! Create and share your own simulations or play community-made ones.

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