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Raccoon Crafts Factory

Raccoon Crafts Factory Screenshot 1
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Raccoon Crafts Factory is a game where you build factories, keep them running and develop colonies.

The home planet of the raccoons is in danger of disaster. In less than ten years, she will collide with a giant asteroid that will destroy everyone. The raccoons send their best engineer to a nearby planet to colonize it and prepare it for the resettlement of their people.

You will extract resources, research new technologies, create infrastructure, automate production and build a new world for future generations.

At the initial stage of the game, you will manually mine ore, create simple manipulators and transport conveyors, but after a while you will finally be able to climb up to an automated factory that will help you build satellites to establish communication with your home planet, spaceports to meet the first settlers and settlements to provide them with housing and resources for survival.

You will have an exciting adventure with the exploration of the planet, the construction of mining mines and the automation of production.

You are the raccoons’ only hope for salvation! And this is not in vain, because you are the best engineer and a real hero!

No time for talking. Get to work!

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