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About the Game

“QuitToday” is a side-scrolling action game around the workplace theme.

One usual day, when you step into the company, all the colleagues attack you because they think you want to resign!

To figure out what happened, you start a fighting trip with your briefcase, and realize the company darkness which you ever ignored is so hateful. You can’t keep enduring the high-level’s behavior, determined to send the resignation challenge to this company formally!


1. Relating to office worker life

It’s so hard to get up to work. The non-player characters’ complaints are so similar to your workplace.

2. Cruel work scenario choice

Close to your resignation, when your supervisor asks you embarrassing questions about the job, will you keep the white lies, or blow up your true pain?

3. Beat up on your crazy colleagues

The hit feel is so joyful. When you face some people whom you can’t communicate with, just kick their asses with your briefcase.

4. The partners with love and fire

There still are nice people in the dark! Your partners will show up in the fight to support you.

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