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Quest Rooms

Quest Rooms Screenshot 1
Quest Rooms Screenshot 3
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You wake up in an obscure room, a voice on the TV says that it is just a quest where you have to find the way out. Brute force is not enough to survive to get out of the room you will have to be patient, use your brain and have grit. What is starts as a game turns out to be a struggle for survival where just one wrong move can lead to exitus letalis. It will get harder and harder to get from one room to another. Who did create all this and why did you find your-self in here?

  • Big map where you have to survive in every room.
  • Quest Rooms - it's a cooperative.
  • Get an intertaining experience, passing by the obstacle and solving sophisticated riddles.
  • Find the secret rooms, game references, easter eggs.
  • Challege your-self!

    The game is developped by one person who was inspired by the movies "Cube" and "Escape Room".

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