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Quack Island

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Quack Island is a single player first-person adventure game where you must break bread with feathered foes.

The Ducks have a ship – it’s the only way off the island. But the crew is all but gone, and the Captain needs your help to get them back. If you can set your differences aside – most notably that they are ducks, and you are not – you might just have a chance.

Set in a beautiful tropical paradise, Quack Island will have you traversing lush jungles, precarious mountains and stormy waters, all in the hopes of gathering the entirety of the Duck crew, and bringing them to their senses.

To aid in your quest will have access to the most advanced Duck-borne technologies and inventions, including:

A net
A slightly different type of net
A duck sized cannon with multiple types of projectiles
Some bread
And much, much more

And you won’t be entirely alone on what would already be a very awkward adventure. You will gain a loyal flock of Veteran Duck Officers, lending you their unique abilities in the fight against AWOL-ism.

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