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Push Comes to Shovel

Push Comes to Shovel Screenshot 1
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After getting lost and famished while bushwhacking in the frigid north, you stumble upon a small, sleepy town called Windrow. Desperate for food, shelter and work, you find an abandoned RV on the outskirts of town. This is where your new life begins as a snow removal operator.

  • Complete a list of daily contracts
  • Shovel or plow with a variety of vehicles and tools
  • Earn money to expand your garage
  • Interact with the townsfolk and vehicles
  • Explore the frigid scenery to find hidden objects
  • Upgrade your equipment


Shoveling is where you begin your career as a snow removal operator


Plow roads, driveways and parking lots to earn money for upgrades.


Use other tools and equipment to remove snow such as snowblowers, mini loaders and ATVs


You might be called to uncover something that someone has lost, deep in the snow.

Upgrade & Expand Your Garage

Collect shovels, vehicles, plows, snowblowers and other snow removal equipment.


The people of Windrow aren’t sure why you’re there, and they drive really slow.

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