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Project Runner

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Project Runner is a Survival Game where the protagonist is trapped in a maze with the main objective is to scape the maze.

The game Story is told by short animations and their mysteries are found throw the Maze.

Inside the Maze the Player has to Craft and Find his own weapons, to fight Monsters that was designed specifically for the maze.

There are several plataforms that the player can parkour and several gathering resource to the player find.

The survival game was designed for the players to use their full capabilities to find a way out.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I really wanted to like this game and there are things to like, but it's just not ready yet.
Pros: great environment, really cool concept to make a survival game more than just a sandbox.
Cons: buggy, could really use a FTUI in my opinon, unpolished combat and really all around.
I would be more forgiving if this game was marked as early access, but I went into it expecting a finished game.
Side note, it's not registered in Twitch so anyone looking to watch someone else play has no way to find them there. Also, I'll be checking in frequently to see how it's developing and would be happy to change my recommendation when it's in a better state.
roughly 30 minutes of gameplay with my rambling commentary here: roguerabbitdad
Update: Dev has addressed that this IS supposed to be early access in their patch notes. Hopefully they can work with Steam support to get it updated on the store page. They're responsive to feedback which is always a good sign. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Keep it up dev!

Review from Steam

Great Concept! but needs a little work

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