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Problem Animals

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It is very difficult for a lone hedgehog to get food for himself. There is a chance to take a risk and take away nutritious mushrooms from under the nose of a whole army of hares. But do not think that it is so easy, after picking mushrooms, a forest deer will take away a basket from under your nose. You are not alone hungry and exhausted.

Problem Animals is a Top Down View game that is not easy to navigate, and at the same time very beautiful. You will have to play the role of the Hedgehog who is trying to steal mushrooms from hares. Curious ants will bother you, and hares do not close their eyes. After collecting mushrooms, be careful, forest deer strive to leave you without dinner, catch up with him and collect the fallen mushrooms. Good luck!

Features of the game:
- Beautiful Pixel-Art
- Nice musical accompaniment
- Many levels
- Complexity
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