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Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

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Experience the exciting day-to-day life of an US police officer in Police Simulator: Patrol Duty. Discover a large, lively and freely-accessible US city powered by Unreal®Engine 4 and ensure the safety in your district. In Police Simulator: Patrol Duty we will live in the role of a U.S. policeman and we will accompany him in his daily life in his work through a huge city, big, lively and full of insecurities. Traffic accidents, stolen vehicles and arrests of criminals will be just some of our day-to-day functions and activities. We will be able to circulate through the city and stop any vehicle or person we find circulating to ask for identification or to detect suspects.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Yes but there are a lot of bugs

Review from Steam

its cool but there are many bugs

Review from Steam

very fun you have to have a high end computer or it will be very lagy ovr. 8/10

Review from Steam

I like the game so far, I play it with my friend but there could be some room for improvement.
1. Missions, Could be better when you can get more options and choose what you want instead of it being randomized
2. Crash Physics, theres no crash physics when you crash you stop like a brick wall instead of items being knocked over
3. Multiplayer, in order to play with your friend(s) you need to join thru the multiplayer tab and you cant invite people to your game privately so somebody may join when you want your friend to

Review from Steam

when i play it it isntinly logs off in the main screen how do i fix it

Review from Steam

Love the game

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