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PlayZ is an arcade-style single-player puzzle game. The game contains 3 different levels and at each level, you have different mechanics. The main aim of the game is to finish as fast as you can. While doing the levels you will earn achievements to your account! 100 Achievements Level - 1: The first level is the retro-themed puzzle part. You have cube holders and cubes! You have to match them and open the next big door! Level - 2: The second level is the parkour level which you try to use your advanced parkour skills to pass the levels! Level - 3: The third level is also a retro-style game but with different mechanics and gameplay! It is a bit harder than the others.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It does exactly what it says it does.
It has some puzzle platforming.
It has some parkour.
The parkour map feels like it was lifted straight from Mirror's Edge.
For the price, it is not bad.

Review from Steam

For a indie game maker this game is looking very good and its price is very cheap. Recommended for wasting time :)

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