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Plank Builders

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Magical marbles have the ability to make stuffed toys come alive. Together with the stuffed animals, you plan and construct different buildings made from small wooden planks. Embark on the quest of finding and reaching all the stuffed toy monkeys hidden in the room. But there is a problem! – You can’t touch the floor! Place down plank routes and create more and more elaborate constructions to reach all the monkeys. “Plank Builders” is a peaceful construction game, which takes you on a journey back to your childhood. Fill the room with your creativity and awake all the monkeys.


Plan and complete new constructions. All the stuffed animals can only walk over the wooden planks. In order to reach all of them you have to plan and construct first simple, and late more complex constructions. The physics in the game are challenging your construction skills will your buildings stand or fall?

Using the magical marbles to wake up more monkeys you can add more friends to you pack. Thankful for helping them to come alive too the monkeys will help you building new constructions.


Unlock numerous blueprints for special constructions, these special blueprints can help you with your constructions, spotting new monkeys or just for fun.

Build your air balloon and calmly float through the sky. While high up maybe you can spot some of the hidden monkeys you couldn`t see before?

Or jump into your fast airplane and cross the room at high speed. Can you avoid all the obstacles in the room or will you crash?

Coming Features

Here is an overview of planned features we will add to the game in the future. Are there features you`d love to see in the game? Join the Discord and reach out to us we`d love to hear from you!

Unlock new rooms and build your way throughout the house. Every room will give you a challenge which you have to solve so you can unlock the next room.

Use the toy train system to get more planks. You can lay down the tracks for the toy train. Everytime the train passes a plank warehouse it will add some plank to the stack. Now you have more planks for your constructions!

Plan and build your constructions together with other players! Playing together with others is always more fun. We will add a multiplayer feature towards the end of the early access.

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