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Planetary Planter

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Planetary Planter is a single-player, open-world, third-person farming game where, instead of farming normal vegetables, you grow celestial bodies while exploring an alien world. You explore the alien world using exploration tools to find seeds and modifiers scattered throughout the environments. After planting and growing planets and stars you can harvest them. Once the planets and stars are harvested, the player can arrange them into solar systems, and arrange those solar systems into constellations. Players completing these constellations results in them receiving new exploration tools to help them explore as well as getting more of the story unlocked to read.

Planetary Planter has 10 constellations the player can fill out! Collect 5 unique celestial bodies and 6 modifiers. That totals 35 unique celestial bodies! Watch out for the Squimbus! This dubious little creature will steal your items! This game is perfect to sit back and relax with because there is no way to die! The art and music were made to make the game as relaxing as possible with cute creatures and relaxing music!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's charming. I'm enjoying myself with the game. The game is pretty cute, (even if Squimbus is a dick), and it's pretty simple: You go around, collecting seeds for asteroids, and planets, and the like, and making solar systems. I finished the game in 4 hours, and it's a very pleasant ride throughout. If this was like 10$, I'd still happily pick it up, but it's free, so that's even better!

Review from Steam

Great fun and clever concept and its hard to argue with the price (ummm - why didnt you sell this game ?!?!) I'm enjoying the variety of the celestial bodies you can grow and "mutate" with modifiers. Love the description on all of the items - they are detailed and clever. I also like the fact that the game doesn't hold your hand every step of the way - it provides enough of a foundation and leaves it to you to try different combinations of modifiers and celestial bodies to get the "variant" you need to complete each solar system within each galaxy or "Act". It looks like there are 10 Acts so based on my progress I'm betting that the total gameplay time is likely around 10-15 hours.
I want a Squimbus plushy *throws money at the devs* so get cracking on that PLEASE! :)

Review from Steam

A charming little experience!
I'm genuinely surprised this is a free title, it's at least worth a few dollarydoos. Absolutely jump in and give it a try, your completion rate should be around 3-4 hours, so good for a night run.
It's a fun little farming adventure in a small map that'll keep you entertained for at least a few hours.
The farming mechanic isn't all that grindy (you can mash up asteroids into compost to instantly grow long-timer crops like suns), and I love the easy-to-read checklist of what you'll need to progress to the next chapter, not mentioning the pieces of story you unlock each time.
The polish isn't quite there, but this is definitely on the prettier "Unity Pet Project" side of the spectrum, and the music's quite nice. I never felt like my ears were grating, which is an unfortunate expectation of lower-budget titles because of a lack of thorough QOL/QA testing before launch.
Though there are a few errors and oddities at the time of writing, but they're not jarring or invasive enough to have taken away from my experience.
Miscellaneous Sound Issues:
From extremely loud to crunchy/crispy SFX, you'll find that distinct crackling in your headphones at every 2-ish minutes with the music track, coupled with the teleport SFX when using a flower.
Starmap Progression Errors:
In Chapter 7 & part of Chapter 8 & Chapter 10, constellations that need a Volcanic Planet (Rocky Planet+Volcanic Ash) have the wrong icon for completion.
It actually wants Burning Planets (Gas Planet+Volcanic Ash) as described in the hoverover tooltip. The icon also changes from a Burning to Volcanic Planet when placed (I found around 4 of these instances in total).
This has been fixed as of a surprise hotfix on 16/06, hot dang!
Strange Codex Glitch:
Happened only after beating the game after 3 hours of play.
When clicking on "Banshee Planet" in the codex, the game proceeded to freeze as if crashing. However, it simply froze time. Hitting escape would then unpause the game in frame-by-frame bursts, but could not be fixed without a restart.
This happens every single time I click on the Banshee Planet entry and is consistent through restarts. No other entry seems to have this happen.

Review from Steam

Quick, cute, and has an original and creative premise

Review from Steam

So I got this game because I was just looking for something about planets, I was just in that kind of mood. It took me 5 hours to beat the game, I played it a couple times before bed. I wasn't really looking at all of the excess information that it gave. Once I beat it I looked back and actually read the story that the game had created and it made me cry (I'm just a softy). The story that this game plays out is really beautiful. The graphics aren't advanced and there is a bug were some of the planets mixed up (Chapter 7 forward, SOME Ash planets will only let you put in Burning planets), but it really is a game I enjoyed playing, and would absolutely recommend to people who love story games and are looking for something short and fun.

Review from Steam

If you are looking for a complex game that will keep you occupied for hours on end, this is not the game for you - But if you are looking for a 4-hour time waster to chill to for a bit and relax with, this game is perfect. There is basically one mechanic, and 10 "levels" to complete. Each level opens up something new. The music is pleasant and the colors are relaxing.
There are some bugs - such as an incorrect graphic for an item vs it's placement, some graphical glitches and there is no actual ending to the game or a way to continue once you have completed. But for a free game, it was enjoyable.

Review from Steam

Very good. Good storytelling and music. 10/10

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