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PIVO is a game that solves puzzles between 2D space and 3D space.

Experience transcending space with a cute corgi.

Let's find the master with the cute corgi and dig into the secrets of the Voxel world.

With the owner's wand, you can jump over a cliff that is too far to cross, or a block that is too high to climb.

This game was first developed as a graduation work and presented in BIC2018.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

PIVO is a cute, simple yet puzzle game, about a corgi attempting to save his wizard owner. The puzzles are difficult yet rewarding, and I highly recommend it.
The gameplay is puzzle-based, with you switching between 2d (pixels) and 3d (voxels), so that's where PIVO comes from. The puzzles are very challenging. The difficulty curve is a little steep, but that's not a complaint, because each puzzle was thought out meticulously. The difficulty comes from an expectation that you will be familiar with the depth and complexity of these mechanics, and use them to their fullest. tl;dr, the level design is intelligent and thought out, requiring players to think each movement through.
The visual aesthetic is very simplistic, yet effective. They chose to focus on artstyle over fidelity, a good choice when the budget is pretty much non-existent, and also leads into why the game looks good. By focusing on stylized graphics, each block can look distinct, without being distracting. You instantly know what your focus is when it's shown on screen, and important items and objects pop out against the environment.
The music and sound design are well done, mostly. There was one sound I did not like, and it played whenever you moved a movable block (or set of blocks) using an interface. It's a scarping sound, and it's also mixed louder than everything else. Thankfully, PIVO has a music and SFX slider, and turning down the SFX mitigated this issue. Otherwise, the sound effects are good, and the music is nice as well.
The animations are, for the most part, pretty good. When climbing, two animations can play, but unfortunately, one is twice as long as the other. I'm not sure if you need to hold down the movement keys or the interaction key to play the faster animation, but this annoyed me when replaying. Otherwise, animations look fluid, especially explosions. This is demonstrated especially well in the end credits.
The weakest area, in my opinion, is the localization. The English translation is a bit lacking, but that's ok! English isn't the easiest to learn, and personally, I don't mind a translation with a few holes in it if it means I get to play the game. The question is "is the translation good enough to be understood?" and the answer is absolutely, especially when the game rarely relies on dialogue anyway.
The controls are the last area I'll mention, because I have little to say. They do their job, and if you're confused, a prompt will appear. Only 3 buttons are used (plus movement), so don't worry about getting lost.
I enjoyed this game a lot, and I hope I get to see more of them in the future. For a student project by 7-10 people, it shows polish, precision, intelligence, and player trust, that most other developers could only dream of.

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