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PetDrivr is a VR game for all the family. Drive with your pet over the town, collecting pet snacks, and their favorite toys before reaching your destination. Get help from your friends to find the exact location of the toy in the cooperative mode, or challenge them to find out who can collect more snacks!Features

  • Meet a new exciting VR game for family and friends

  • It’s an easy game to learn, so it’s for everyone.

  • There is a cooperative mode game.

  • Collect amazing toys and snacks.

  • Drive on a big city with many areas.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Honestly? This was cute. I got it on the Summer Sale for .99 cents USD, and I'd say that's a fair price for what you get. You don't ever get to play with the doggos, just drive them around town, collecting dog bones and their favorite toys. Then you drive them to their destination, and thankfully as long as you hit the goal, you win!
You can also lose as npc drivers can seemingly spawn out of nowhere to crash right into you. But the city is kind of pretty, and it was a relaxing enough drive until the later stages. Might be a fun weekend or rainy day game. Only thing I would suggest is to make all the doggos unlockable from the start. And make the timer optional please so people can cruise with the doogos.

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