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The luxury cruise liner Animals Star just set off on its first voyage and all of the animals are having a great time. However, the crewmates have no idea that there is a conspiracy afoot.
The animals invited aboard by the scientists have no idea that they’re about to become guinea pigs for a new experimental serum. The scientists take the first subjects through a tunnel and into the lab, inject them with the serum, and write down their reactions: "Increased physical function, slightly increased intelligence, decreased eye sight, gradual increase in irritability, increased aggression... the first experiment’s failed! The subjects are out of control!” After losing their minds, the subjects break through the observation chamber, kill the scientists, and take over the ship's remote control and the keys to the tunnel.
The out-of-control subjects are hellbent on destroying the cruise liner and killing the other animals who haven't been injected with the serum. They put all their energy into damaging the ship and attacking the others. As an unaffected crewmate, your task is to avoid their attacks and repair the cruise liner to keep it running normally.

Easy Gameplay:
- Crewmates should avoid being attacked and complete their mission.
- Impostors should attack the crewmates and sabotage their mission.

Game Features:
- Play with your friends together online!
- Hide & seek!
- All sorts of mini-games to enjoy!
- Easy controls!
- In-game voice chat!
- Cute animal characters!

Welcome aboard the Animals Star!
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