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Pavel Quest

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Pavel Quest is a pixel art, puzzle platformer where you cannot stop running, and you can only turn around by bumping into walls. Breakable walls, fireballs, acid spouts, and spikes are only some of the obstacles in your way.

Created by ElevenSeventy, a team of two game lovers, Pavel Quest is the first commercial product released by ElevenSeventy. We opted to aim for a simple concept, and make it great. Over time we added features like gravity anomalies, bounce pads, fireballs, acid spouts, secret characters, and a replay system. All while preserving the balance of simplicity and difficulty. Pavel Quest is a hard game, but it is rewarding as well.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Fun. Retro. Auto-runner platformer. Nice music.
You have been trapped in a dungeon and have to escape. Once you start each level it runs automatically and you just have to time your jumps. Sound easy? Um, yeah, it's not. Especially with spikes, fireballs, acid, bounce pads, small platforms, and who knows what else in the levels I haven't gotten to yet.
So it's not a traditional platformer where you have total control of your dude. In this game you can only jump. Also, each level is separate. It's not like a huge ongoing maze. There are no enemies (at least not yet) and you don't have any weapons.
This game surprised me. Normally I don't like hard platformers, but with this one I don't have to control the movement of my dude, I just have to time the jumps. So it takes out part of the platforming headache for me.
Graphics are retro-inspired pixel, which is something that I love dearly.
Music is very nice. And each time you die the music just continues, it doesn't stop and start each time you start the level.
I don't know how long the game is yet. But I've seen enough to give my approval. Plus, it's cheap!

Review from Steam

This game takes me back to old school platformers. It is incredibly rigorous and challenging. The levels can be frustrating at first, but after you grasp the location and understand the timing on the jumps the game gets a little easier. My first run took me about an hour and over 350 deaths to get it done. Overall, this game is not for the faint of heart, it takes time and patience but in the end the feel is rewarding.

Review from Steam

Fun game man. I got it on the iPhone and beat it and really wanted to support the developer. Some other games like this are Goblin Sword.
Really fun. support the guy, he made a good game. dunno what else to say. its fun and gets progressively interesting as new stuff is added.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Very fun game. Its hard, but not the hardest platformer I've played (Dustforce is way harder). My only con is that it was a bit short. My first time though gameplay was 37 mins with 173 deaths. But for only $3 it is definitely worth it. I like the bounce off the wall gameplay mechanic. The later levels introduce other objects to interact with such as disappearing blocks. It would be cool to see even more elements like these.

Review from Steam

I made a video on Pavel Quest, it was really fun!

Review from Steam

Uh, yeah...I'm just gonna back away from this's a little too hardcore for this little black duck right now...
It's really good though, believe you me, I think it's a great concept, a simple mechanic very well implemented, perfectly-suited graphics, I'm just not very good at it really, not at all...
Recommended though if you have quicker relexes than I (not that that would be difficult) and more patience than I (DEFINITELY not difficult) so, yeah, go for it.

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