Pape Rangers

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Pape Rangers, defeat the monsters in the cave!

Choose between mastering a single profession, becoming a legendary dual-wielder in both magic and martial arts, or unlocking a hidden profession!

Maximize each character’s strengths by strategically combining their role, starting weapon, talents, and school of expertise for effective and dynamic gameplay.

Can you withstand the unique and intriguing monsters that await you?

Within 20 minutes per match, relax and savor the fun of rouge while enjoying the exhilarating battles!

This is a riguelike survivial game.

Game Features:

– Exciting Battles: Face swarms of monsters and bullets, survive, and defeat them in the process.

– Strategic Building: Numerous upgrade options, build based on profession specialties, and become powerful through strategic decisions.

– Diverse Characters: Choose from various starting characters and weapons, experiencing different combinations and upgrades.

– Variety of Monsters: Unique and interesting monsters provide a rich combat experience.

– Fast-paced: A quick pace with 15-minute rounds, unwind anytime, and enjoy the thrill of battles.

– Customizable Difficulty: Choose a challenge level that suits you.


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