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Panzer Knights

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About This Game

We won't lie to you: These campaigns are no cakewalk.

War is at hand, and you, among all your comrades, have been chosen for entrance to the Panzertruppenschule I.

The army requires more elite tank commanders, "Steel Knights," to lead us to victory using the most dominating form of warfare: tanks!

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the elite? Are you willing to lead a platoon of accomplished, adept men and women across the lands?! Show us what you got!

Panzer Knights is a strategic action game where you lead a platoon of charming, yet deadly crewmates to skillfully outmaneuver enemy tanks!

Command your platoon from the Battle of France to the Eastern Front! You will work and interact with highly skilled soldiers to defeat your enemies. Fully experience epic and powerful tank combat as you control detailed, fully armed tanks! Feel the heat under enemy fire as you and your platoon fight for supremacy! Choose crewmates whose qualities best appeal to you and form the perfect team!

Storied, historical battles

11 main levels with plenty of side missions to satisfy your hunger for battle and prestige.

Each battlefield presents unique and challenging mission objectives. Break through defensive lines, protect important field positions, and defeat swarms of enemies as they try to overwhelm your forces!

As you unlock more advanced tanks and your crewmates' skills improve, replay missions to demonstrate your might!

Get to know your military hardware

Unlock over 20 controllable, detailed tanks, from the Panzer 38(t) to the IS-2, each reproduced in a distinct, attractive art style.

Upgrade your hardware, unlock new camouflage, and determine the best tank and loadout to accomplish your missions.

Encounter over 40 authentic WWII era vehicles and artillery and avoid damage to your tank that could leave you without tracks or a hull full of holes.

The command decisions are yours

Call bomb raids to destroy larger groups of enemies, signal for resupply airdrops, repair your tank in the field, and alter battlefield tactics on the fly. To successfully complete missions, formulate new strategies and make use of newly acquired technology!

Select the perfect crew

Choose from 30 eager crewmates to fill out your team of five. Pick who best suits your play style and help them upgrade their skills!

Continuous in-game dialog means your crew will help to keep you alert!

Your crew will stay in communication with full Japanese audio and 5 supported languages for text dialog!

Strategize while taking enemy fire

Should you approach an enemy from a sheltered position or go for the long shot across a wide, open field? Is there an enemy tank hiding behind that wall lying in wait?

Destroy buildings, ram walls, and perfect your approaches to fighting! The world of Panzer Knights is fully destructible and expansive in scope. Proper planning will get you far, though something can be said for spur-of-the-moment brute force action.

Skirmish Mode

In the tow modes of annihilation and defense, you can freely choose the vehicles for enemy and allies, and adjust the strength of both sides to fight.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Let me be very, explicitly, extremely clear.
This is not the greatest tank game I've ever played, or anything like that. It's alright.
Gameplay-wise, the game is good fun and of decent functionality. For the most part, things work where they should, locational damage and armor works well and is mostly understandable, and the bonus skills and ways to improve and gain more of them work as intended. AI can be over-aggressive or incredibly brain-dead, but so it goes with games these days.
It's a little buggy, and on some maps with large amounts of wheat or tall grass textures, I noticed some intense frame lossage if I looked in direction of the textures.
The writing is alright, following your panzer crew through the war from poland to france to barbarossa, where you'll remain on the eastern front until the game ends at kursk. The writing quality itself is fine, though the amount of untranslated German brings me memories of the original fan sub for Girls und Panzer. Story itself is pretty generic.
It's fun. I beat the game, and I load it up from time to time to get a little bit of arcade tank combat out of my system. Whatever bugs, issues, and jank there was didn't interrupt my middling enjoyment playing, essentially "What if Girls und Panzer was about an actual war?"
If you don't enjoy tank arcade games to the point that you'd play a game that makes World of Tanks look like the apex of what tank combat could be, maybe don't play it.
But, to my knowledge, until this point Joy Brick has only done 2D visual novels, and this, their first foray into 3D, is a tank combat game with locational damage, armor, and sub-armor damage simulation, with more than a handful of tanks that all look appropriate for their simplified anime-like style. This is an incredible step up, and I am happy for how successful this game is and how good it looks and plays considering.
If you want to play Girls und Panzer: Dream Battles but can't afford the systems it's on, try Panzer Knights. It's worth the money.

Review from Steam

Its the closest thing I can get to GuP Dream Tank match, plus its pretty historical.
10/10 would invade Poland again.

Review from Steam

Gup but for pc

Review from Steam

TL/DR 6/10 Competent and fun but under-utilizes its features and was clearly rushed by the final missions. Get on sale.
A competent arcade WW2 tank sim but with anime girls. Controls like World of Tanks with a similar damage system, every tank gets 3 ammo types (AP, APCR, HE), smoke launchers, artillery call-ins, supply drops, and field repairs. The tanks I feel are modeled well and have a cell-shaded aesthetic I find pleasing. As an arcade sim there's nothing too elaborate to each tank's performance but the sliders for each characteristic don't lie either. The damage system... is functional at least. Penetration seems to work on a RNG basis where odds are determined by gun/shell characteristics vs effective armor thickness (angling armor is a factor). Since the AI often has more guns throwing shells at you, you're rate of getting BS pens through your heavy front armor is also higher. The AI is dumb as a box of rocks or government spending plans however, so expect to spend time finding that one enemy stuck on a fence or find yourself abandoned by your panzer platoon b/c a wreck has screwed their pathing.
The "currency" of Panzer Knights are medals. Completing objectives earns medals, which can then be used to unlock new panzers, new crew members, and crew upgrades. As long as some objectives are completed, even a failed mission earns you that percentage of total medals.
Crews are your main means of tweaking a panzer's performance, from extra armor on specific components to extra support powers and reinforcements. Every crew member has a bonus trait that gets unlocked by completing certain missions with another member, establishing a "friendship" between them and revealing extra background info about them. It's a sorely underused mechanic but it does add flavor to your crews.
Story wise this is no Girls und Panzer but has charm telling the Panzerwaffe story as a struggle surviving a war where the goal posts keep shifting further and further out of reach. Exemplified by mission 5, taking the ports in France is a HARD mission using period appropriate panzers and your crew is shocked and appalled by the level of resistance. There is no alt-history route; the main story ends with the Battle of Prokhorovka, a chaotic mess of a battle that concludes with your exhausted crew wondering if the battle even counts as a victory and gloom setting in when the order to withdraw comes down.
Main Issue
Okay so why am I spoiling the ending; because the game was clearly rushed to completion after the 1941 missions and thus ending the game in 1943 is a big letdown. There is 1 mission in 1942 (Winter Storm) and another in 1943 (Battle of Kursk). The set-up for that last battle is also sloppy with dozens of friendly panzers spawning out of thin air at the start. The campaign is just begging for more missions in 1942 leading up to Stalingrad, the 3rd Battle of Kharkov in 1943 and the fighting retreat following Kursk, and the tanks battles of Operation Bragration in 1944, I could go on. The side missions are also sorely lacking, featuring a whole 4 missions. Though I give them some credit for being flavorful such as linking up with Rommel's 7th Panzer to encircle a French town or joining Otto Carrius' Tiger company in the first historical engagement of Tigers vs IS2s. However, by the time these have been completed once, the player will have only earned enough medals to pick from maybe 2 of the several "Big Cats" and with little reason to grind out the remainder.
All that said, I had fun in my short time with Panzer Knights and glad I picked it up while it was on sale.

Review from Steam

anime tank game
need i say more

Review from Steam

This game is exactly what I was looking for. For an otaku/introvert who basically does not emerge into the online community ever, like a vampire hiding from the sun, playing a singleplayer war thunder game is what I was thinking of when I played war thunder. In addition to this, there are anime girls (never really used the men much other than getting perks for female characters, never will) which is something I did not even think of, but am glad it is a thing. The Japanese voice acting really hits the spot as well, being someone that watches anime with subtitles. Underrated game and a definite recommendation.

Review from Steam

It's not bad but questionable AI and there's a bit of grinding involved. I played with the 37mm Panzer III for the first few missions before it just became completely untenable to keep using it, so I upgraded and it made the game a lot easier, I just recommend using Cheat Engine for medals and getting what tank you want to play since the difficult missions in this game aren't really skill challenges, it's more "escort AI and hope you kill enough before they get stuck and die", which made me angry.

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