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Ozone Wipeout

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Ozone Wipeout is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game in an endless, procedurally generated open world. Staying alive is your only goal which is much easier said than done. Harsh weather conditions, zombies and resource scarcity are only a few of many things you will have to deal with.

Zombies are an ever present threat to your survival. Use stealth to avoid zombies or take them head on in a fight. Zombies are persistent so every zombie you kill is one zombie less to worry about. Clear zombies around your base to worry less about the constant threat of being attacked in and around your base.

Utilizing what you find in the world helps you increase your chances of survival. Finding essentials like food and water are important for your day to day survival but also tools and weapons are important to ensure long term survival. Explore towns with generated residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Each building being different and a new adventure to explore. Find and explore farms, ranches, gas stations and other buildings and points of interest outside of towns. Decide where to go based on what you need and your survival strategy.

Sleep at night in a secured bed, in a tent or simply on the floor or use the reduced vision of zombies at night to scavenge for resources. Make sure you have a light source on hand if you plan on doing anything at night.

Weather can massively impact your decision making and survival chances. Bad weather may force you to stay inside buildings to avoid getting in deadly situations. Weather conditions such as rain can directly impact your health condition like increasing the risk of catching a cold.

Craft items from various resources you find in the world. This ranges from fortifications for your base to makeshift weapons to protect you in a pinch. Creating any item comes with the cost of spending valuable time of your day so always consider if your time is best spend crafting something new or doing something else such as scavenging for food instead.

Fighting the undead can not only result in death but also comes with the risk of injuries such as bruises, lacerations and scratches that require treatment. Always have a bandage handy or clothing you can use to make an improvised bandage with before engaging with zombies or suffer from the potential consequences.

Manage a variety of attributes such as hunger, thirst, fatigue and stamina. All your actions such as running, carrying items, fighting and even health conditions such as injuries have an affect on your attributes.

The game features a regular mode and a sandbox mode. In the regular mode the game offers no customization options but a few selected difficulties to choose from. This means the game will be played as intended by the developer. Regular mode for example features permadeath and certain loot distribution. Sandbox mode allows the player to customize the game to their liking by changing settings such as zombie density, loot abundancy, world generation, weather conditions and more. Change the game to fit your preferences and how you want to play it.

Explore an endless and fully procedurally generated world where everything is generated as you move around the world. Every road, every building and its interior, every object and item and even every piece of grass is procedurally placed or generated. Survive in a new world with every survival attempt or play in the same world again by using the same world seed. Share your seed with other players so they get the same world generated for them to explore.

Modding support offers further customization options which the normal sandbox mode can not offer by itself. Create mods that alter gameplay, visuals, add or remove features to create custom experiences within the game for you and others to experience. The possibilities are endless.

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