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Overlord : Nobody know victory better than me

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Idle casual war game, you can lead your army to conquer the enemy, grab wealth to strengthen your soldiers, you don't need to personally direct the battle, recruiting generals will help your army fight the enemy more effectively.

• Lie to win-a real casual game, place and hang up the phone to easily grab treasures, hire the army, they will destroy the enemy by themselves, and get a lot of gold coins for you

• Unlimited map-your army can explore at will, there are no restrictions, there are snow mountains, grasslands, deserts, and encounter a variety of different enemies there

• Arms-Thirty-nine armies, you can spend gold to hire upgrades, any combination, make your army more powerful

• Free benefits-collect free coins online!

• Magic-gorgeous magic, in the war, you can choose the time to cast according to the battle situation, reverse the battle situation, the final word

• Generals-Recruit generals, help you manage the army, behead the enemy, and can send generals and ties to open up territory for you

• King-Strengthen the king, equip the king with equipment, learn and upgrade useful magic, and strengthen the entire army

• Boss-You can challenge ordinary enemies or powerful bosses to gain more wealth; every successful challenge will make the enemy stronger, and of course it will bring more wealth. You can Where is the challenge?

On the other side of the mountain, on the other side of the sea, there is a vast and boundless continent waiting for you to conquer!

Become a lord, form an army, develop tactics, and cast magic; destroy all enemies and make every inch of land you pass by surrender to you.

The enemy has not only robbers, armies, but also legendary creatures such as dragons; go to crusade them, seize their treasures, and strengthen your army.


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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

saunus zaidimas

Review from Steam

I love the game But i am having some minor issues. i canot cast my damge spell, it just does nothing and lets me cast it infinitly, and i cannot Keep the horse i earned one i rebirthed the first time. Also my power seems to change on me everytime i log into the game, it's wierd.

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