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the Game

During the Holy War, the brave ones wielded eight sacred relics to defeat the demon king. The world has been at peace for nearly a century, and both the existence of demons and the war itself have all but been forgotten.

However, in the year 99 of the Yalimus calendar, the land was suddenly shrouded in great change. The eight sacred relics, which were supposed to have disappeared along with the demon king, reappeared in the form of sacred stones. This seemed to indicate that the incarnation of evil would soon return…

Far from the empire, in a port village located on the border, Laura is looking to reclaim her long lost mother’s belongings with the help of the enthusiastic Lotus. After beating down some pirates and recovering her mother’s gemstone, they realize that it is one of the eight awakened sacred stones. Why would her mother have been in possession of a sacred stone spoken of in legend and lore? The young teen becomes befuddled about her origins and begins searching for clues concerning her mother’s disappearance. With a bit of encouragement from Lotus, they decide to set out on an adventure to collect the sacred stones.

After the stones have been collected, will they decide to slay the demon king, thereby saving the world? Or will they use this newfound power… to annihilate the earthly realm? The young teen has no idea that when this fateful journey ends, she will have to decide to save the world or destroy it… along with herself.

A naughty story of hardcore fun, filled with fantasy and adventure… awaits.

Not to mention…

Representing the Adventurer’s Guild:

Representing the Empire Army:

Representing the Demonic Forces:

And many more unique characters that you’ll love… or hate.

  • Adult JRPG game with a well-crafted, lengthy storyline.
  • More than 60 characters have adult-themed character visuals, each crafted with care. Besides common NPCs, all characters also have their own unique avatar.
  • Turn-based battle mode, where energy points are used to enhance your character.

    The three main characters have unique skills, and each character has three different fighting styles. This allows players to choose which one will serve as attacker, defender, and healer.

  • Main storyline is supplemented with voice acting for battles, and a variety of other titillating sounds are voice acted as well.
  • 190 sets of basic CGs. No repeated CGs or storylines. Tons of porn content… Whatever you’re into, we’ve got it!
  • Most of the boss battles, big and small, have unique storylines for failed battles.
  • Some video animations too!
  • The story has two different ending, and thus unfolds in two very different ways.

    Based on the player’s choices, each main character can evolve into various final versions of themselves.

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