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About the Game
Outbraking is a PvPvE Co-Op Racing Game, in which you and your team can take on different missions in a vivid city to earn money and views, becoming the most viewed Outbraker!

  • Several kinds of Missions, like item collection, delivering, racing or destruction.
  • The team with the smartest drivers, not the fastest cars, will win the missions!
  • Earn money and viewers in each mission.

  • Each car has an unique ability, use it wisely to get away or stop other cars.
  • Timing is key, because you will not be able to use the ability often.

  • Spend your money on customization, unlocked through your viewers count.
  • Seperated visual and function customization, to look badass and be as fast as possible.
  • Buy additional cars for your collection!

  • Local Split-Screen & Online Matchmaking.
  • Cross-Platform across all available platforms.

  • Optimized, accessible and fully playable in VR, first and third person, seated or standing.
  • Play with your friends in split-screen and one in VR at the same time.

  • Traffic in the whole city depending on the mission, find the optimal route for your destination.
  • Beware of the police chasing after you in some missions.

  • Different time and weather for each mission.
  • Affects the view and traffic in the city.

  • There will be updates in the coming months and years.
  • New missions, new customizations, new districts and new cars.
  • Read the weekly news in our Discord Server.
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