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In the world of “One” Action Third Person Shooter, fighters with enhanced combat suit get bigger and stronger for every kill they get.

Create your own custom character and customize your favorite weapon arsenal to fight against your friends and enemy to be the One.

The more kill you get the stronger and bigger you get, making you the target of everyone in the match.

When you’ll get as tall as building and be an unstoppable killing machine, watch everyone turn against you trying to take your spot at the top of the food chain.


An Action pack PvP experience perfect to have fun with friends and earn some bragging rights.

An ever-expanding character clothing and weapons customization.

A huge and ever-increasing arsenal of weapons and modifications.

Fight in a large super realistic variety of maps and environments.

Constantly evolving gameplay and events, with new content being added regularly.

Download and play One to experience the most original and action pack, third person action shooter of his generation.

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