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One For Two

One For Two Screenshot 1
One For Two Screenshot 3
One For Two Screenshot 5

The weather was beautiful in the land of blobs, until the day when a huge golem arrived.

When he saw Orange and Purple he amused himself by separating them.

Orange and Purple had no other choice, they had to find a way to reunite again.

One For Two is a very fast platform game, where the subtlety is that you control two characters at the same time.

You must drive both blobs to the end of each level but be careful, if only one fails then you will lose.

Orange and Purple can

  • Jump
  • Double jump
  • Run
  • Swim
  • and even fly or more in later levels (but no spoil of course)

But keep in mind the most important part:

For any action that a Blob will do, the other Blob will do the same action on his side

You have to use all your skills to reach the exit vortexs in each level, being carefull to not let die one of your blobs.

Some levels will contain moving platforms, water, lava, wind, locked doors and many more traps.

And if finishing a level is not impossible, you can also fight for the time and unlock 3 stars for each level.

It’s not an easy task but you

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