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One Day in London

The main characteristic of a visual novel game is achieving immersion by giving the player the ability to influence the story through choices. Every decision, every action the player-reader takes can drastically change the course of the story. The smallest detail can turn out to have an important role to play. In One Day In London you will solve puzzles, perform magical rituals, and carry out special tasks. A sophisticated achievement system will hint at alternative storylines, and a user-friendly save system allows you to move freely within this wonderful story to explore all possible branches. ATTENTION! The main game includes only the first two chapters. Chapters III through V are sold separately as DLC. Main features nonlinear narrative, dozens of possible branching storylines; several unique endings to the story you create yourself; interactive gameplay, mini-games, quests; memorable and well-written characters; luxurious graphics, parallax, animated cut-scenes.
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Game Discussion

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Why isn't this visual-novel game more well-known?
Writing is great, characters are intriguing, themes are interesting, and visual art looks great.
Not overly long, but with some meaningful choices and varied outcomes.
Props to the team.