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Olgob The Bold

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Story of Olgob The Tuskless is a Metroidvania Soulslike game. A story of an orc from a small tribe in the Greenskin Barrens. From a blue-collar, working-class family. Hunting down billionaire Bear Lords who have taken control of the world by exploiting the labour of poor orcs. Ruling with cruel taxes up to 75% for small business owners. And letting their bear friends register companies in tax havens in the Forgotten Lands. Olgob is the Strong Orc Leader they need to come and fix all their problems. Play and help Olgob give power back to the people by overthrowing the government of the oppressive Bear Lords.

Join Olgob in his journey through the Mutating Castle of the Bear Lords in order to defeat them and collect 20 bear asses for a stranger in the woods. That is it. This is your quest. The only quest you have in this game. Just the one. Collect 20 bear asses.

Mutating Castle

Players will traverse the Mutating Castle with lots of interconnected areas, and changing pathways. Do not expect the path you took once to always guide you to the area you expected. Your world will change according to the choices you make and as you progress through the story. Both the placement and types of enemies and traps you faced may change as the story progresses. Different challenges and puzzles will spawn depending on the Bear Lords you have defeated and the castle tightens its defences accordingly.

Story and Lore Rich World

This is what I would call a Masala game i.e. comedy, tragedy, horror, suspense, action. Discover the secrets of the creation of the Mutating Castle and the origin and story of the Bear Lords and their ascension as you piece together secrets to discover the nature of the castle. Use this knowledge to your advantage in both combat and NPC interactions.

Slow Deliberate Combat

You start with a few tools and you discover more as the story progresses. Nothing is claimed easily. You will scratch and claw to victory every step of the way. You may call it Soulslike (Yes… I know).

Colorful Cast of NPCs

This game is all about the power of friendship and yes it is all about the friends we made along the way. Remember, if you cannot do something alone, there is always someone in this world who might help you… and some who might hinder you.

This is just a demo so there are a lot of unfinished features. You can expect more enemy variety, biomes, traps, puzzles, and bosses. Also, any and all feedback is welcome. You can contact me at [email protected].

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