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OFFERING APP is a psychological survival horror. This app is supposed to help us.

YOU can help YOU with this app.

The game includes:

  • 2D isometric levels with obstacles!

You have to overcome each of them relying on your perseverance and reaction speed. These levels are difficult. But they promise to bring you a lot of fun!

  • Scenes with mini-games!

The game includes many fun and colorful mini-games with different unique mechanics. We’ve put together for you many of your favorite games in one. Enjoy.

  • Nonlinear story!

An in-depth lore and non-linear story with a choice to affect the outcome of the application.

You know those voices in your head. The whispers. The intertwining. There’s no stopping them. I’m not crazy. I don’t just hear. I see them. They come in sleepy paralysis. I made a deal. I hardly had a choice. At first I was even glad. I can’t reveal to you the meaning of the application, I can’t say more than I need to say. Sometimes I was very scared for what I was doing. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes tormented by doubts about how wrong it is. You just have to accept it as entertainment. See for yourself. Some they will pick out as mascots.

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