Odyssey of Dremid’ir

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Odyssey of Dremid’ir is a story-driven, open world 2D RPG, set in the gritty hand drawn world of Dremid’ir; a fantasy world of monsters and magic, caught in a post-apocalypse after its god-like creators have been destroyed. In Odyssey, you play an unsuspecting magi, Codrin, in a quest to find safety in salvation in a world full of volatile magic, and creatures beyond reckoning, while exploring ruined cities, mountains, lost forests, and deep caverns.


Control a rag-tag group of magi, scavengers, and angelic knights, all brought together on a quest to save the world.

  • Spend experience on attribute and skill points, giving you complete control over each character’s progression.
  • Witness an unfolding narrative that changes based on which party members you choose to keep with you on your adventure.
  • Re-forge monster loot, weapons or armour into new, stronger and more enchanted gear.

Explore a perilous open world.

  • Hunt down mutant monsters hidden in the Ruins of the Old World.
  • Embark on quests that will develop more than the characters you travel with.
  • Discover secrets, and find lost treasures by following ancient notes, and treasure maps.

Fast paced, and tactical combat!

  • No screen transitions, enemies move around the world space like the player.
  • Combine party members together to create unique bonuses for battle.
  • Enemies will move and plan around you, use patience or outwit them in a fight.
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