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Octane Remix

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Entertainment in the year 2085 is holographic. Outside of Stockholm, Sweden, there exists a piece of technology which is captivating the world’s imagination, a dome which can simulate any environment one could envision!

As a result of its flexibility, the dome has become the setting for numerous competitions, the most prestigious of which are the World Simulation Race Championships.

These Championships that showcase neck breaking, car-shattering, endless races are highly anticipated entertainment events. World renowned racers enter the dome to prove, once and for all, who is the best of the best.

  • Race through several treacherous tracks, filled to the brim with obstacles, from sawblades to missile launchers.
  • Experience curated procedural generation, making each playthrough different!
  • Choose from any of 3 unique characters, each with their own playstyle.
  • Race your way through the story mode, in order to uncover the truth about the Simulation Dome’s mysterious past.
  • Unlock new track segments by progressing through the game.
  • Customize your look and playstyle with skins and permanent upgrades.
  • Practice your skills and customize your experience using the level editor.

The Simulation Dome creates ever changing racetracks. Get temporary upgrades, learn how to navigate each challenge and experience ever-changing, with curated semi-procedural level generation, making each playthrough different!

Octane Remix is a fast paced, non-stop Obstacle Hell Roguelite Racing Game! Choose your racer, choose your playstyle, and conquer the challenges before you in order to progress through the story and defeat the mysterious simulation dome!

Michishige, alias “The Demon”, is an anonymous Simulation Driver from Japan. While her face might be concealed behind her mask, her eyes are on the track with unparalleled focus. Drifting is the name of the game, and nobody in the world can beat her at it!

Akash is a world renowned driver from Zimbabwe, decorated with countless championship victories. With his humble, nurturing personality, he’s famous as a role model for new racers. Together with his sturdy car, he has the option to drive through obstacles rather than around them!

Ludwig, from Germany, is a former pop star turned Simulation Driver. He used the money from his previous career to purchase a now iconic car made of gold. Despite the weight making it hard to handle, his extremely powerful engines provide him with superior speed!

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