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Hi Nyancos! How are you? Nyanco is back! Let's play the classic brain training game Minesweeper but with a special Nyanco Channel twist! Are you ready? The adorable cat girls are waiting for you!Features
  • 8-bit Retro Arcade Game Experience
  • Simple, Yet Addictive Casual Gameplay
  • Special Rewards Including Illustrations of Nyanco
  • Supports Keyboard-Mouse and Gamepads/Controllers
  • Steam Overlay, Screenshot Support, and Achievements
Disclaimer Nyanco Mine is fictional. Any resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental.Special Thanks Alice, nashix, ParanoX, tomoaky, Holy Lightning, Genesis, and the player!
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Now, you may not know me, but I’m a big Minesweeper fan. I’ve also been called King of the Weebs (by someone on my block list) so it comes as no surprise that I would be all over this game. I honestly believe there is nothing better than Minesweeper with a few Animu girls in it. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for NYANCO MINE, the competition within this genre is quite vicious.
Quality wise this game is 10/10. The sound design is marvelous. Everything from the pleasant retro soundtrack to the sound of the button presses is excellent. You have some lovely voice effects mixed in and the parting message that you get when you beat the game seems to be voiced by a VOCALOID, or more likely a VOICEROID. Personally I’m a big, big fan of that, although I couldn’t tell you which exact voice bank was used, maybe Yuzuki Yukari? I’m going to embarrass myself by getting it wrong probably but whatever.
The artwork images are equally charming, cute and lovable with a little bit of “cat girl” sexy mixed in. If you buy the game’s DLC you will get those artworks as separate files and all the cute achievement icons as high-quality avatars, although one of the game over screens seems to be missing and the DLC doesn’t contain the OST. You do get the game banners and some additional pictures though.
The gameplay is where I will have to compare it to other games of this kind. It’s classic minesweeper with 4 levels of difficulty but the first 3 levels are like a warm up or a tutorial. I completed the game in exactly 10 minutes. The content is great in quality, scarce in quantity. But this is minesweeper after all, you can just play it again and it will generate new minefields. A notable feature is that it can be played with a mouse, a keyboard or a controller. This comes with a drawback however. If you are playing with your mouse you will have to manually select each tile before you open or flag it. Normally, you would only need to hover over it in other games. There is also a time limit to clear a level, unlike other games, and if you’re not careful you might misclick. Otherwise the provided time is more than enough. No need to rush. Unfortunately, there is no associated score mechanic that would have made finishing a level faster or slower meaningful.
I promised I would compare it to other weeb minesweepers. Hentai MineSweeper at only 0,79€ provides 10 levels with 10 ecchi pictures. Cute Puzzle Max again at the aforementioned price provides 15 levels and 15 anime pictures. Dream Catcher at 1.59€ provides a subpar minesweeper experience but is still a valid option if you just like that style of art more. Last but not least, Naked Story (Sports Festival Ver) is one of my favorites but at a real rip-off price of 4.99€. With so much competition NYANCO MINE at 1.49€ is not an easy sell BUT it’s also the only game among them to really excel in the audio department and it has a unique kind of charm. I would say it’s a must have for minesweeper fans and kawaii cat girl enthusiasts.

Review from Steam

good game! thank you NYANCO!!!

Review from Steam

Mix Minefield and Nyanco and get "Nyanfield"

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Review from Steam

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Nyanco Mine is a Minesweeper clone themed after Nyanco - there's not much to say about it other than that. I'd only recommend it for hardcore Nyanco fans, as the game offers little else. 5/10

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epic gamer

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