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NYANCO MINE Screenshot 1
NYANCO MINE Screenshot 2
NYANCO MINE Screenshot 3
NYANCO MINE Screenshot 4
NYANCO MINE Screenshot 5

Hi Nyancos! How are you? Nyanco is back! Let’s play the classic brain training game Minesweeper but with a special Nyanco Channel twist! Are you ready? The adorable cat girls are waiting for you!Features

  • 8-bit Retro Arcade Game Experience
  • Simple, Yet Addictive Casual Gameplay
  • Special Rewards Including Illustrations of Nyanco
  • Supports Keyboard-Mouse and Gamepads/Controllers
  • Steam Overlay, Screenshot Support, and Achievements

Disclaimer Nyanco Mine is fictional. Any resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental.Special Thanks Alice, nashix, ParanoX, tomoaky, Holy Lightning, Genesis, and the player!

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