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Noxia Somnia

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After waking up in a mysterious realm, Tristan is hunted by shadows that feed on anxiety and dread. Confront and overcome his deepest fears as you search for a way out of this survival horror nightmare. Noxia Somnia is an expression of real personal struggles that allows players to confront and conquer the paralyzing dread we face in today’s world.


  • Explore corrupted memories teeming with nightmarish manifestations of your fears.
  • Fight back in fast-paced combat using a variety of weapons, items and abilities, including your cat Greg.
  • Avoid the attention of hulking Harvesters stalking through the level before challenging them head-on at the end of each area.
  • Select the game mode that best suits your playstyle: Focus on the story with more forgiving challenges, or take on maddening difficulty and extra boss battles.
  • Experience a compelling story about learning to deal with anxiety, expectations and grief in this reflective journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Grow stronger by finding new equipment, unlocking various combat skills and mix and matching Souls to customize your build.
  • Take a breather in a forested hub area with characters, quests, the shop, and access to skill tree upgrades.
  • Find and collect mementos and achievements to deepen your understanding of the world of Noxia Somnia.

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