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NORR part II: Will Walker

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William Walker, the legendary assassin wants to get out of the game, but the demons of the past will never let him get away so easily.

NORR part II: Will Walker is a hardcore top-down shooter with emphasis on most cinematic and adrenaline experience.

Exciting shootouts await you in the game, in which your life depends only on your speed. Improved time-slow mechanics, available in both single player and multiplayer, will help you deal with the large groups of enemies.

Game Features:

◦ Comics-style graphics allows you to better immerse yourself in reckless characters and plot.

◦ Improved aiming mechanics allow for fast and accurate shooting.

◦ A huge amount of damage that remains at the level after the shootings.

◦ Slow time mechanics and a customizable kill-camera create an unforgettable cinematic gaming experience.

◦ PVP multiplayer.

◦ CO-OP missions.
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