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No More Home

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Take part in the fight to defend your home!
Fragments of meteors have fallen and the Recyclers are there to exploit their composition. The problem is that they have no regard for the locals …A completely open map
Fight all over town, prepare your approaches, or just go straight ahead. You are free to operate the city according to your needs.
The map is divided into several districts all connected to each other in one way or another. They will be released over time in future updates.Strategy, or not
No More Home gives you the possibility to fulfill your mission in the way you like:
Remain discreet and achieve the goal without being spotted.
Hit and run, attack and fall back until a good opportunity to end it presents itself.
Or just think that the strategy is for the weak, and go for it with the biggest weaponry possible!Choose your equipment carefully
Between each mission, plan what weapons and accessories you will take with you.
Your inventory is limited, and will influence the way you play. The more things you take with you, the more your movement will be affected.
But maybe you will choose to wear heavy protection? Or just play it very light and be able to run around.Evolve your character
At the end of each mission, you will gain experience which you can spend on buying new weapons, new outfits, and new skills that will help you to go on increasingly difficult operations.

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