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New Home: Medieval Village

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About the GameNew Home Medieval Village is a zoning-based medieval themed city building game. Create zoning areas according to the demands of the villagers and meet the needs of the villagers. Keep them happy with your service buildings and attract wealthier villagers to your village.

  • Customize buildings or create new ones by using building editor.

  • Create zoning areas according to demand.

  • Keep your village safe.

  • Provide villagers the resources they need.

  • Build schools and libraries to educate villagers.

  • Attract wealthier villagers to your village to create more advanced housing demands.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I don't usually buy Early Access Games anymore, as I've been burned a few times by games which were never completed. For example, one game in my library is now nearly eight years old and is still in "Early Access".
But I am a fan of city builders - particularly those set in earlier periods - and I've had this one on my wish-list for a while.
I was disappointed to read the recent harsh reviews and was about to delete the game from my list. But then it was listed as 40% off. An act of desperation by the publisher no doubt, But I'm a great believer in giving someone a fair go. So I purchased the game to make up my own mind.
The Verdict: In it's current state, the game is certainly very rough. The UI needs work. Economy system needs work. Road-building needs work. Keys don't always seem to work. Camera needs work. etc. etc.
Having said that - the game has huge potential. In a year's time, it could well surpass Banished and Patron.
So - I would not give up on this game yet, but keep an eye on it.

Review from Steam

You have to work out a lot of the gameplay yourself. Start with LOTS of Agriculture, more than you'd think you'd ever need . Orchards enhance the beauty of your village, which is important!

Review from Steam

Nice, but empty and slow,Banished genre x(n+1) game.Graphically weaker than "Ostriv",
I look forward to where it develops. I love the genre.Success..Devs!
P.S. 15 years ago, I was playing a Bulgarian game about the Roman Empire,That annoying firefighter system was terribly similar to the one here.

Review from Steam

Fun game, good sound track. Not really deep but complex to keep it interesting. Excited to see what the devs have next, hopefully it's a grid system!

Review from Steam

Fun to play. Still needs some work, but still fun a fun game.

Review from Steam

I find the interface clunky. Navigation seems way too sensitive. Great potential but at present it seems clunky to play. I do look forward to updates. Whether it is a good game will depend heavily on updates. At present it seems clunky to play.

Review from Steam

I have played this game time and time again, only to waste my time playing a game that rarely gets over 100 townspeople. When you get 100 townspeople you will notice that only 4 of them are working. Now 100 poor people in town... thats it! Only 4 poor people are working out of the 100 in the winter time. I have 8 lumber jack buildings in town because they produce the most goods per building so you can supplement your tax income.
This game needs municiple buildings MUST be cheaper to build, Must be cheaper to maintain.

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