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It will lock you down in a room and won't let you escape. Will you survive, or ever get out? Your only choice is to find your way to the next room – but watch out, as many traps lie ahead. Wander around for hours solving over 60 beautifully crafted levels. Neverout is a mysterious puzzle game. It puts you in a small, claustrophobic room that has only one way out and its unique mechanics allow every wall to become the floor. Watch out for something heavy, giant spikes, or getting electrocuted!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

You like puzzles? Or Portal? Works with or without VR. So satisfying when you figure them out. Best $3.99 I ever spent!

Review from Steam

Small note: I played this on mouse and keyboard, not VR.
In this game you're stuck in a cube-shaped room where you're trying to reach a hatch to go on to the next room by solving various puzzles. The gimmick in this puzzle game is the fact that you can walk up to a wall or object and change gravity to then walk on the wall. The controls are a bit weird at the start, but all you need to understand is that you move one square that a time and that the only four things you can do is move forward (w), look around (mouse), interact with level selection (left-click), and turn 90 degrees left or right (a or d, but I basically never used them).
I finished the game in less than two hours (ignore the five hour playtime I have, that was just me waiting to get all three steam trading cards). There are no achievements which maybe a deal breaker for achievement hunters (like myself), but the game is short enough to keep your attention till the end. Also there are steam trading cards that you can earn from playing the game (or at least leaving the game running in the background).
I ultimately enjoyed this short puzzle game, and I believe it's worth buying when on sell.

Review from Steam

Meh. If you got it from the Ukraine humble bundle, you should give it a try. If you didnt, then dont bother. Its a REALLY short puzzle game, I played it in VR mode, but apparently you can play flatscreen mode too. I beat all the levels in 0.3 hours (20 minutes), but it felt a bit longer than that. Its like that one weird movie I think called Cube or something, but as a game kinda, but the entire room flips when you walk into a wall or obstacle, and thats the entire gist of the game.
A very mediocre game, not bad, but nothing noteworthy and memorable. For 4 dollars its fair.

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