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Nasty Rogue

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what Is Nasty Rogue?

Mysterious Dungeon Exploration, Secret Items and Powerful Bosses, Fluid Movement Upgrades. Unique Enemies dropping Epic Loot. Level up your Stats, Enchant your weapons and Armor pieces.

main Features

  • Classes (rogues, Mages and Archers)

  • Weapon types (swords, magic books, staffs, daggers, scythes)

  • Game Modes (normal, Hard, Hardcore)

  • Coop Multiplayer (20 players max)

  • Biomes and Secret Areas

  • Challenging Bosses
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nasty Rogue is an Indie third-person Action RPG developed by Yann Picard, taking place in a fantasy setting. Players impersonate a hero of choice (Rogue or Mage) and for reasons unknown, set foot into a large network of caves populated by forces of evil but also some friendly characters, with the sole purpose of slaying every enemy and boss along the way.
For being a 1-man work, the game works reasonably well, with several positive sides worth mentioning. First of all, the level design, although basic, incentives exploration to find crafting materials for potions, secondary areas with loot chests, secret passages, as nothing aside from dropped gear is highlighted so finding anything else is a matter of perception. Finding materials to make potions is fundamental, as it's the only way to get healed. Secrets in this game can space from a simple breakable wall with a chest behind, to portals to whole hidden levels. Enemy variety is reasonable enough and so is weapon / equip diversity, with the main deal being unique ones dropped by bosses or bought at traders, having special proprieties and unique attack patterns most of the time, and this keeps the progression somewhat interesting. Combat is basic and without deep mechanics but does what it does decently well with dodge-roll mechanics, knockback and upgradeable character attributes as you level up. The presence of an Hardcore mode with perma-death will surely satisfy fans of such mechanics, while Normal and Expert modes are suitable for all kinds of players, and the fact there are two distinct classes gives the game some replay-ability.
Also on the bad side Nasty Rogue has several issues to be mentioned and definitely prevent it from being better. First of all, the challenge level is quite bland most of the time, with the dodge-roll invincibility frame being way too long and so allowing players to completely avoid damage easily without much timing needed. Challenge is further reduced by the fact enemies can be kited around one-by-one instead of aggroing the whole mob group, while some random encounters spawning high-tier enemies very early, can make players end up with overpowered gear and make upcoming fights much easier. Boss fights are not very exciting as all the attack patterns are similar and basic, with just a few moves up their arsenal, and no changes as their HP diminishes and as well no special mechanics, just making bosses damage sponges. The fact there are no active or passive skills for the player character, but just four attributes to level up, themselves lacking any description of what they do exactly, reduces the combat depth and variety. A special mention has to be made to the "true final boss", being an immense HP sponge taking ages to defeat in a very annoying fight. There are also some debatable design choices, such as putting a trader selling endgame items early on, when the players cannot possibly have enough money to buy them at all, or items for sale at a trader not displaying their stats, making it a blind buy.
Overall Nasty Rogue is a decent although very basic Indie ARPG, that has some good gameplay and design elements to it but also is not enough in-depth in many aspects of this genre, and definitely needs balance adjustments. It took me around 4 hours on Expert difficulty to make two runs (Mage and Rogue) and arrive to the final boss in both, taking my time finding secrets and collecting materials. For the proposed price of 10€, I can suggest getting the game but not full price at this time, instead waiting for a discount would be the best choice, even for ARPG fans.
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Pros & Cons
🔵 Pros
+ Decent exploration, with many secret areas, materials and loot chests to find in each level.
+ Two different classes using diverse weapon categories and gear allow some replay-ability.
+ Pleasant voxel-based graphical style.
+ Simple but serviceable combat system.
+ Optional perma-death mode for those interested.
🔴 Cons
- Balance problems with some random events awarding late-game weapons early on.
- Boss fights don't have unique attack patterns or mechanics, making them just glorified HP sponges.
- Mediocre challenge level because of overly long i-frames with the dodge-roll and single aggro of enemies.
- No active / passive skill trees of any kind and no explanation of attribute effects.
- Inability to sell unwanted items to traders for much needed extra cash.
In-Depth Breakdown
🎮 Gameplay Analysis
The gameplay of Nasty Rogue divides into Exploration, Character Management and Combat.
Exploration is performed on foot and a bit later on also with an item that allows gliding, much faster than walking. While going around levels, being on the lookout for plants and ingredients, such as bones and blueberries for making mana potions, is vital as this is the only source of healing and other buffs, and they are not highlighted in any way. Finding secrets and secondary areas is also important, as they award extra loot, XP and money to use at traders: secrets are often behind breakable walls, using consumable bombs. They can range from a chest with extra loot, to whole secret "dream sequences". For saving Beds are used, as static save points found always at traders and sometimes in levels themselves: dying makes you respawn at the last bed used, but will not refund consumables.
Character Management is performed via an inventory menu containing a maximum of 12 loot items, some stackable, an equipment window that displays your character's armor and weapons, while also a crafting panel on the side used to create potions if materials are available. The fact there is no explanation about what some attributes do, is disappointing. Equipping sets of the same armor pieces provides no bonus, also. Some items are restricted to either Rogue or Mage, and unwanted ones can just be dropped on the ground, since there is no selling system. The fact there isn't a quickbar to assign items but for instance, bombs need to be used by clicking them in the inventory, is an inconvenience. Only health potions have a quick hotkey.
Combat is very basic in this game and is all about attacking and dodging at the right times, without much more depth about it. The fact the i-frame provided by rolling is extremely long makes avoiding most attacks very simple for anyone with some experience with this mechanic type. Attacking an enemy fast or hard enough will triggers a knock-back, staggering them momentarily, however it is not clear how this mechanic works in detail. There are no elemental resistances or weaknesses about weapons or enemy attacks either. The two available classes fight respectively using daggers and ranged magic, the latter mana-dependent and without damage in melee in most cases.
🔩 Technical Analysis
PC Specs: RTX2080Ti, Ryzen 3900X, 32GB RAM DDR4
The game runs without issues on this config and there are no performance or stability problems to mention. Chromatic aberration cannot be disabled and it can be annoying. Mouse sensitivity resets at times without reason, but is easily fixed by adjusting it again.
Final Thoughts
Nasty Rogue is a sufficient although very simple ARPG that covers the basics decently well but also leaves a lot to be desired on a depth standpoint.
This product was reviewed using a free key provided by the Developers

Review from Steam

Combat and crafting is simple, feels like Cube World if it was a Roguelike and good

Review from Steam

3 hours in and totaly lost track of time. What a Wonderfull Game! So much Love in the Details! i'm really enjoing the game and its astetics! Thrilled to see what else comes in the future!!
I Recomend this anyone who likes to fly, roll and dash trough the air, bash enemies with your spells & weapons and find secrets in many places!

Review from Steam

TLDR potentially great Dungeon crawler Worth it if you have money left over right now, promising if it gets updates/bug fixes.
Havnt played long but I can say it is pretty fun.
-Difficulties including Hardcore where your character deletes if you die
-save points for when you are done/taking a break
-addictive combat
-gear progression including unique items like wings to fly dropped from bosses
-Easy to understand and seems like it "could" be played for hours.
-Bugs (kinda expected it being Alpha 1.0 at time of review) (the one i experienced was a portal a mage dropped to a different dimension, for a brief moment I was able to look around but then the game crashed, reverting me to my previous save point)
-repetitive music only after playing for 30 minutes
I was kind of confused when Playing the Class Rogue with the mana pool, i'm guessing dodge is supposed use up some mana but you don't, ultimately making the game as a rogue faceroll since you can attack and animation cancel to a dodge very fast, avoiding much more damage than you other wise wouldn't avoid.
for a low price, the game is worth it, but if the dev pulls a Cube World Wollay look the other way.

Review from Steam

I think i am already done with this Game.... after i killed the Final Guardian nothing happens...

Review from Steam

Hello game dev!
You've made a pretty fun game, honestly I would recommend it, though right now I feel maybe the price is a bit too high for what you get, though achievement hunting and trying all 3 classes definitely pads the play time a bit.
With that said though, your Hardcore Achievement seems to be bugged right now, I heard from someone it only works on slot one? I made my first character on slot one, normal difficulty, and made my second, a rogue, on the second slot hardcore mode, got to the very end and no achievement?
I would test the slot one thing but to be honest I just can't be bothered to delete my first character and grind to the end again, maybe some other time if I feel like it.
There's another bug where if you go into the shop and cancel without hitting the X on the top (Cancel by opening inventory for example) It seems to mess with the camera sensitivity.
If the Hardcore Achievement gets fixed I'll definitely revisit this game, maybe if I want to try Archer!

Review from Steam

So the game is kinda buggy but its really good if you want a dungeon crawler game that has some pretty skill based combat. The game is kinda like old cube world (not the one on steam thats trash) in terms of art style and combat.

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